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About 6 to 7 years ago, I started getting lower back pain which spread down my left leg and ankle. I went to two orthopedic doctors and both said I had a vertebra that was out of alignment and it needed immediate surgrey with rods and pins in my back to stabilize my spine. The misalignment was pinching my left sciatic nerve and could cause permanent damage. Not excited about the idea of this drastic surgrey, I went home to think about it. While attending a meeting of my chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, I told my story to a friend who told me he had some trouble like that and a chiropractor had helped him.

The next month, (I thought about it for a while) I went to see a chiropractor and happened to be assigned to Dr. Lynn Carter. At first it seemed to help, but then I saw no improvement for awhile. She told me to stick with the treatment and soon I saw great improvement. It seems the body takes some time to heal before her treatment could show a big improvement. For about 5 years now I see her every 4 weeks and my back pain is nearly gone. The only time I notice it is when I have overdone something or due to schedules I have gone more then the 4 weeks and I suffer for it.

Sticking to my present routine I am certian that my back surgery is far in the future if at all.

Thank you Dr. Carter,

D. Dellinger

My name is Jo Seabolt. I would like to tell you about my experience with chiropractic care with Dr. Lynn Carter. I have family members and friends that have gone to chiropractors before, and they had told me about the doctors, but I was very scared to go. I have been told some scary stories by different people too. My daughter recommended that I go see Dr. Carter because she had gone to her previously.

I was having very bad headaches and sharp pain down the left side of my neck. I met with Dr. Carter and she explained everything to me. She sent me for x-rays before she would do any work on me. When I went back she explained my x-rays to me and told me what she could do to help. She even showed me the noises that the bed would make.

She knew that I was very scared and she was so gentle with each thing that she did. She started me coming to see her three times a week at first and then I had an examination and had to come less times.

She really did not hurt me! It actually felt good! My headaches and neck pain left after a few visits. It doesn't happen right away. Now I am so glad that I went becasue I do not have those problems anymore. Dr. Carter really made a difference in my life. Her staff members are wonderful, friendly people. They all make you feel like family!!!

Thank you Dr. Carter & Staff

J. Seabolt

Our 17 month old spent much of October 2008 - April of 2009 sick. We were in the doctor's office every other week, if not more often. After multiple ear infections, two rounds of RSV, a bout of croup, and many colds and coughs later, I turned to Dr. Carter for chiropractic care. We knew he was coming down with yet another ear infection the day we took Caleb in for his first appointment, as the night before he was restless and was pulling at his ears in his sleep. However, our decision of going to a chiropractor before having tubes surgically inserted, turned in to one of our best parenting decisions ever. The night after his first adjustment, he slept soundly. The ear infection he was beginning to develop never progressed and we have not been to the doctor for a sick visit since! His daycare teachers have even commented that he seems to be a much healthier toddler. He has had a cold here and a cough there, but no fevers, no ear infections and no pitiful "I don't feel well" looks from our son. Before we began chiropractic care, we feared that Caleb might be on the verge of developing asthma due to his RSV infections and wheezing boughts, but since beginning care with Dr. Carter, he has no longer exhibited any symptoms of asthma or breathing difficulties at all! We also immediately noticed improvement in his health, speech, and walking ability! I would not hesitate to recommend chiropractic care to any parent who is looking to avoid ear tube placement and wanting overall better health for his or her child!

Thank you Dr. Carter,

Stephen, Tami & Caleb


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